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The new Escape "Avalanche Alert" 

Escape Snow La Molina

  • Meet the world of snow and avalanches in a fun activity!

    Become a pister / rescuer and get rid of the riddles to get out and rescue the victims of an avalanche before they run out of oxygen.


    This season 2019 - 2020 La Molina will release a new activity, the Escape Snow La Molina 'Avalanche Alert', by the hand of Altitud Extrem.


    The user can enjoy this recreational activity learning the characteristics of the snowy mountain, its dangers and know the task of professionals who work for their safety.


    The protagonists have put themselves in the shoes of a team of first responders after an alert by an avalanche. In the rescue in an avalanche there are numerous contradictory and complex factors and the users of Escape Snow La Molina 'Avalanche Alert' will have to face in first person.


    The game will be the key to the activity by decision making. During the activity the participants will have to solve 3 puzzles, necessary to find a victim and then rescue her


    A recreational and tourist activity but with a high value of sensitization to the users of the snowy mountain.


    You dare? Participates!


    * The price does not include ski pass, if they have a day pass and / or they will not have to buy, but if they do not have, they will have to buy the Telecabina Ride

    For more information or to reserve a place in this activity call the phone
    616 554 039
    or go to
  • Terms

    • Participants: 2 to 4 people
    • Duration: 45 min - 1 h
    • Prior reservation is required
    • It includes diploma of the activity
  • Prices Escape Snow La Molina

    Season 2019 - 2020

    This price is unique for each person.

    Price for person
    Single price
    € 14
    he price does not include a pass, if they have a day pass and / or they will not have to buy, but if they do not, they will have to buy the Telecabina Ride
  • Schedule

    This activity is done during the winter season and must be made in advance

  • Image gallery

    Here are some images of the Escape Snow La Molina activity

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