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  • 0. Season Ski Pass Terms of use


    1. The acquisition of the season ski pass entitles the holder to use the facilities that are open to the public, and obliges them to comply with the operating and internal safety regulations of the station and of which it is of application, including the guidelines and instructions of the FGC and the staff ski resort.
    2. For the acquisition of the season ski pass, the owner must present the documentation that allows the following personal data (DNI, NIE or passport) to be certified. In relation to the conditions that apply according to age, account will be taken of what derives, at the time of the acquisition of the pass, to the accreditation document indicated above.
    Season ski pass - Age ranges
    Toddler: < 6 years old
    Children: 7 - 11 years old
    Adult: 12 - 64 years old
    Veteran I: 65 - 69 years old
    Veteran II: from 70 years old and above

     (*) In the promotions that have this age group. For the rest, it will be considered Adult starting at age 12 Included.

    3. In order to be able to access any offer for ages or modalities, the previous presentation of the documentation that proves the fulfillment of the conditions indicated by FGC will be obligatory. In general, and without prejudice to additional accreditations that FGC may require:
    - Clubs: Accreditation that the holder is a member of. FGC may request complementarily the presentation of documentation that proves the validity of this condition at the date of issue of the pass.
    - Large family: Family book or equivalent documentation considered sufficient for FGC.
    - Residents: Registration certificates and additional documentation required by FGC.
    - The owner can inform of all the special offers or discounts for different groups that FGC offers, when they will be communicated the particular requirements and accreditations necessary to obtain them.

    4. FGC will not issue any seasonal ski pass without prior verification of personal data and it has been proven that the conditions to benefit from the applicable offers or discounts are verified, as well as the payment of the price through any of the channels that FGC makes available to customers.

    5. It will be the client's responsibility to inform previously of the offers or discounts that can be adjusted and applied to their personal or personal conditions. FGC is not obligated to make a refund, in whole or in part, due to the lack of knowledge of the client of the existence of discounts or offers applicable at the time of acquisition, nor as a consequence of publications of special offers subsequent to the acquisition, acquisition that could be more advantageous. The acquisition of the product entails the knowledge by the client of the conditions of application, scope and those related to its use, validity, etc.

    6. The price of the ticket includes the Compulsory Passenger Insurance (AOV) and applicable VAT equivalent to 10%. The season ticket price does NOT include insurance coverage for track accidents or occurred at the station's facilities, except for those directly caused by lifts (AOV) when it is certified (in this case, those are expressly excluded derived from the bad use by the customer of the lifts or those produced by negligence, neglect or are attributable to the client). It shall be the responsibility of the holder of the pass or person requiring the assistance of FGC or third parties to pay the amount of the services and damages produced at the station or his goods or persons, except for the cases indicated above, or in the In your case, hire a personal accident insurance policy that gives coverage in case of accident at the FGC facilities in La Molina.


    7. The pass is personal and non-transferable, its resale or transfer is prohibited. The assignment, resale, handling of the support, inappropriate use, or breach of the obligations of the holder or bearer, is considered a fraudulent act of the owner, and, if applicable, of the carrier if it is different. Notwithstanding the legal actions that may be taken by FGC against the holder, the bearer, if it is different, by fraudulent use or breach of the duties and obligations assumed by him as bearer or owner, will entail the immediate withdrawal of the support / passport by the FGC staff, or, as the case may be, the automatic blocking of the pass to access FGC facilities, without the owner being able to demand any kind of compensation or compensation. In these cases, FGC may additionally apply a penalty consisting of the prohibition of benefiting during the next two seasons of any type of special promotion that is offered at any FGC group station, as well as any other related use of the clues, in proportion to the events produced.


    8. The holder is obligated to show and prove their ownership status, as well as the documentation that the recipient of the assigned offer proves, as many times as required by FGC personnel within their facilities.

    FGC reserves the right to carry out the internal validation controls it deems appropriate, which may include recordings of images intended for this purpose, and may require the presentation of the DNI, or any other official document that permits the identification of the owner, with the purpose of avoiding fraudulent use or of guaranteeing the fulfillment of the obligations assumed by the client in the acquisition of the pass. In this regard, the acquisition of the passport entails, as indicated, the acceptance of these conditions.


    9. FGC will not make the total or partial reimbursement of the seasonal season ticket purchased for any reason or contingency, especially due to snow conditions, which prevent or restrict the use of the pass in its Domain, regardless of the temporality of the affectation or contingency.

    FGC will only assess the possibility of compensating the holder with the issuance of an invitation for the next winter season to the acquisition of the pass, in the event that the owner can prove, before January 10 the current season, personal contingency that eventually physically impairs the practice of skiing (illness or accident), or at the end of the season and at the request of the interested party, it is verified that the owner has not made use of the season pass . FGC will evaluate each specific case, determining, according to its criteria and in accordance with the conditions of each case, whether it is appropriate to apply this measure.


    10. Loss, theft, deterioration or oblivion of seasonal passes:

    - Theft or loss of the pass. It will be the responsibility of the client to inform FGC of the incident immediately to its detection, in these cases, FGC may, in its opinion and in accordance with the conditions of the specific case, will proceed to block its use, avoid fraudulent use. FGC will issue a duplicate with a cost of € 30.00 upon submission of the mandatory denunciation of loss or theft to the corresponding police authorities.
    - Deterioration of the pass. A duplicate will be issued against the delivery of the original deteriorated and inoperative with a cost of € 30.00.
    - Forget the ski pass for the day. In the event that the holder eventually forgets the season pass for the day of skiing, he or she must go to the Central Offices of the station, notify the incident and pay the amount of the day pass , according to current PVP and seasonal seasonal purchased modality. The client will have 15 days to attend the Central Offices, and by providing the ticket purchase of the day pass and its season pass, the use of the season pass will be checked, Notice that the pass has not been used for the day that motivated the incident, will refund the amount of the day pass that you purchased. The season pass must have been purchased at the station of La Molina.


    11. The holder of the license recognizes and assumes in any case the risks that arise from the sports practice of skiing and, in general, of all personal or material damages that occur in the development of the activity, either for the use of lifts, ski runs or other complementary facilities or facilities. The holder of the pass is responsible for its acts and omissions, as well as of the negligent actions or behaviors that put at risk their physical integrity or of third parties, and that they have not foreseen their own physical limitations for the practice of the " sport or those inherent in the level of personal skiing.


    12. Inadequate behavior or the basic rules of use of facilities that FGC criteria put at risk to the owner or third parties, as well as the failure to comply with FGC's instructions, warnings and signage, will empower staff of the station to proceed to the withdrawal of the pass (or blockage in your case), all this without prejudice to the civil or criminal responsibilities in which it could have been incurred.


    13. Off-lane skiing, in a closed or uncredited track and signaled by FGC, or against warnings or instructions regarding security or the proper use of the pass, may entail removal or automatic blocking of the latter, and In any case, FGC exits any responsibility.


    14. The faculty of the station determines the dates and times of opening and closing of its facilities taking into account the existing technical and meteorological circumstances and the conditions of security, as well as any other causes that may affect the development of the activity.


    15. The total or partial closure of the station, the interruptions or the total or partial limitation of the use of tracks and lifts due to technical, meteorological or other causes will not give rise to compensation.


    16. The plane of the tracks, or any information in the support or distribution channel determined by FGC, has a merely indicative and indicative value, especially in regard to the opening or total or partial closure of the station, Skiing and its facilities. It will be the responsibility of the client to be informed of the conditions of use and meteorological conditions, as well as the timely updates related to the opening, closing and status of the facilities that may be issued by FGC prior to the start of the activity


    17. In the case of a contradiction between the information of the clues, the one provided by any other means and the signaling on the track, the access ban or the indication that is more restrictive in each case will always prevail.


    18. In order to make any claim or incident in relation to the passport, the holder must contact the Central and Customer Service Offices of the La Molina ski resort or the customer service email [email protected]


    19. The acquisition of the license implies the knowledge and acceptance of these conditions.

    The resolution of the incidents and / or contingencies registered by the holders of an ALP2500 pass will be assimilated, although subject to the validation and prior acceptance of the Masella ski resort.


    * Any change or error in this document, the information given by the personnel of the station of La Molina will prevail

  • 1. Resort localization and how to get there

    La Molina resort is located in La Cerdanya region, in the village of Alp. It is accessible by public transport (train and bus). You will find detailed information about the routes by private vehicle and public transport as well as maps of the localization. For further information visit location.

  • 2. Which are the resort and the customer service offices opening hours?

    La Molina ski resort lifts open to the public at 9.00 am and close at 16.30 pm. For further timetable information, consult the opening hours.

  • 3. Is there a Lost and Found Office?

    To deposit or ask for lost objects in La Molina, you are requested to address the resort Central Offices, at the Gondola building - at 1700m. For other questions, you can contact the Customer Service phone (+34) 972892031 or send an e-mail to [email protected]

  • 4. Where are the central offices?

    La Molina central offices are located in the Gondola building - Alp 2500; at 1700m, at the Gondola access point.

  • 5. Can the resort be accessed by public transport?

    La Molina ski resort can be accessed by public transport (train and bus). You will find more detailed information at transport to slopes.

  • 6. Can ski wear be rented? Where?

    Yes, La Molina offers a clothing rental service, which includes the "soft" material needed to ski or snow: technical snow clothes and gloves. You will find further information at ski wear rental.

  • 7. Where can I buy La Molina ski passes?

    Ski passes can be acquired personally at any of La Molina resort box offices (Alabaus, Roc Blanc, Pista Llarga, Font Canaleta, Alp 2500 - Central Box Office).

    La Molina ski passes can also be acquired through the following link recarrega.lamolina.cat

  • 8. Is there an exclusive ski pass for beginners?

    Yes, there is an exclusive ski pass for beginners that gives access to specific areas for ski introduction and lifts serving them. They can be acquired at any box office in La Molina. Further information visit ski passes booking.

  • 9. Is there a specific ski pass for freestyle areas?

    There is no specific pass for the freestyle areas, only one of the debutants that gives access to the Long Run Skippers, Trampoline and Johan Cruyff ribbons and Long Track debutants. You can buy it at any of the ticket offices of La Molina station. More information on reservations. For further information, please, consult bookings.

  • 10. What is a rechargeable ski pass and how can it be acquired?

    If you still doesn't have your rechargeable ski pass, you only need to address La Molina central offices (at the lower part of the Gondola building) and acquire it. It costs 1 euro and has no caducity date. Once you have got the rechargeable card, you only need to access the rechargeable section recarrega.lamolina.cat and recharge as many day ski passes or free election day ski passes as you wish. Once you have fulfilled the form and made the payment, in 30 minutes, your ski passes will be charged in your card.

  • 11. Cuáles son las condiciones uso y normativa aplicable a los forfaits de día o varios días La Molina


    Oficinas de Central de Reservas grupo FGC
    Pça de la estación, s / n
    17534 Ribes de Freser
    Tf: 932 041 041
    Mail: [email protected]


    Condiciones generales de Reserva y de Anulación
    El hecho de adquirir -o tomar parte- de una reserva a través de las webs del grupo FGC, implica la aceptación expresa por parte del consumidor de todas y cada una de las Condiciones Generales, las cuales se consideran automáticamente incorporadas al contrato sin que sea necesaria su transcripción escrita individualizada.


    1. Formalización de las reservas y / o peticiones de presupuesto:
    Las reservas y / o peticiones de presupuesto se pueden hacer a través de la web o por teléfono al 932 041 041 o por correo a [email protected].


    2. Forma de pago:
    Ninguna reserva no se considera confirmada hasta que no esté pagada al 100% antes de la entrada en alojamientos externos y el 40% a modo de anticipo en los alojamientos de Hotel Port Ainé 2000, Albergue Las Estancias y Hotel Vall de Núria. Se puede hacer con tarjeta de crédito o transferencia bancaria a la cuenta IBAN ES40 2100 5000 5002 0004 4647. El resto del pago se llevará a cabo en la salida.


    3. Entrega de la documentación y Servicio de Receptivo:
    La documentación que acredita la compra es el propio email de confirmación de compra y los buenos, siempre que se haya efectuado previamente el pago del 100% del importe total de los servicios reservados (40% en los alojamientos del Hotel Port Ainé 2000, Albergue Las Estancias y Hotel Vall de Núria). En caso contrario, la reserva se considera anulada y se aplicarán las condiciones establecidas en el apartado referente a las anulaciones.

    Es obligatorio entregar el email / bono de confirmación a la llegada al alojamiento o al primer servicio que haya contratado.


    4. Reembolso:
    El cliente puede desistir de los servicios contratados con derecho a reembolso de los pagos efectuados teniendo en cuenta las condiciones establecidas en el apartado referente a las anulaciones. No se hará ninguna devolución por servicios contratados que el cliente voluntariamente no haya utilizado.


    5. Prestaciones incluidas en los precios:
    Como norma general, se debe seguir un criterio estricto de literalidad. Por tanto, no se incluirá todo lo que no esté específicamente detallado como incluido en el email de confirmación - bono de reserva enviado al cliente. Los precios de las webs del grupo FGC incluyen el IVA. No incluye ningún tipo de seguro, ni las bebidas en ningún tipo de régimen incluido en el precio, ni la Tasa Turística Catalana de los alojamientos, que se liquidan en el check in de cualquier establecimiento de alojamiento.


    6. Anulaciones:
    6.1. En todo momento, el cliente puede desistir de los servicios suele • licitados o contratados con derecho a la devolución de las cantidades que haya abonado, tanto si se trata del precio total como del depósito previsto anteriormente.
    Si el cliente cancela la reserva de alojamiento, deberá abonar en concepto de penalización el porcentaje sobre el precio total que a continuación se detalla:

    - Entre 15 y 10 días el 5%
    - Entre 10 y 3 días el 15%
    - Dentro de las 48 horas antes el 25% La no presentación, sin haber comunicado la anulación supondrá la pérdida total del importe del anticipo.

    Si el cliente cancela la reserva de servicios o actividades de día, deberá abonar en concepto de penalización el porcentaje sobre el precio total que a continuación se detalla:

    - La cancelación dentro de las 48 horas anteriores o en la no presentación sin haber comunicado la anulación, es del 100% de la reserva


    7. Responsabilidades:
    FGC debe responder ante el consumidor por las obligaciones que le corresponden por el cumplimiento de los diferentes servicios de los programas contratados a través de nuestra web. Cuando los defectos sean imputables al consumidor, la agencia vendedora o al establecimiento, la responsabilidad descrita en el párrafo anterior no procede. FGC se reserva el derecho de modificar o suspender las actividades programadas si por razones de seguridad, según el criterio de FGC, es necesario o si por cualquier otra causa no fuera posible la realización. En caso de que el consumidor aprecie in situ la no ejecución o la mala ejecución de servicios contratados integrados de la estancia, debe notificarlo inmediatamente al prestador de dichos servicios y, en un plazo de 48 horas hábiles, a FGC, por que se tomen las medidas pertinentes. La no comunicación a FGC implica que es el consumidor quien debe probar el incumplimiento de la ejecución del contrato ante la Organización o la Dirección General de Turismo y / o tribunal pertinente, ya que transcurrido este plazo en FGC le sería imposible comprobar la veracidad de la alegación, así como la consecución de una solución satisfactoria para todas las partes implicadas.


    8. Condiciones especiales para niños:
    Debido a la diversidad del tratamiento aplicable a los niños, según la edad, el tipo de establecimiento, tipo de servicio, las fechas, se recomienda consultar las condiciones de cada establecimiento y servicio.


    10. Aceptación de las condiciones:

    El hecho de adquirir uno de nuestros programas implica la aceptación por parte del consumidor de estas Condiciones generales.


    11. Empresa

    La empresa organizadora y comercializadora de los viajes y paquetes turísticos es FERROCARRILES DE LA GENERALIDAD DE CATALUÑA, con NIF Q0801576J y con domicilio fiscal en Cardenal Sentmenat 4, 08017 Barcelona actuando como Agencia Mayorista de Viajes GCMD - 0000288


    12. Protección de Datos personales

    De conformidad con lo dispuesto en la "Ley Orgánica 15/1999 de protección de datos de carácter personal", el cliente / titular queda informado y autoriza el "registro y tratamiento de sus datos personales" en ficheros automatizados que son responsabilidad de FGC.

    El titular podrá ejercer gratuitamente los derechos de oposición, acceso, rectificación y cancelación de sus datos y revocación de su autorización de acuerdo con el procedimiento legalmente establecido. Estos derechos podrán ser ejercitados dirigiéndose por escrito al departamento responsable del fichero automatizado: FERROCARRILES DE LA GENERALIDAD DE CATALUÑA, ref. LOPD c / Cardenal Sentmenat 4, 08017 - Barcelona o en el número de teléfono: 973 62 76 07 indicando "Atención de Datos Personales"

  • 12. Where can I buy and pick up the season ski pass?

    La Molina Season ski pass can be purchased online through the web or directly at ticket offices for ski passes. It can be collected at any of the FGC Group resorts (La Molina, Vall de Núria, Espot, Port Ainé and Vallter 2000). At La Molina, the collection point is in the Telecabina building (Cota 1700).

  • 13. Where can I buy the Alp 2500 ski pass?

    The ski pass for the Alp 2500 join area can be acquired at any box office in La Molina or Masella resorts. In the case of Alp 2500 season ski pass, it can be acquired at La Molina and Masella central offices.

  • 14. Does the season ski pass give me access to the summer activities and bikepark?

    No, La Molina season ski pass allows the specific use of lifts and slopes during the winter season. However, when buying a season ski pass, invitations for the use of several services during the summer season which can be exchanged at La Molina central offices, are included.

  • 15. What to do in case of an accident on the slopes?

    In case of an accident, remember to signpost the location by sticking the skis crossed on the snow and alert the slopes service at the nearest lift. If you are the injured person, it is important to protect yourself and keep warm. For further information, please consult safety advice.

  • 16. What does the ski accident insurance cover?

    You can consult all coverage included in the insurance sold at the resort box offices at the following link: https://www.racc.es/seguro-esqui

  • 17. Where are the areas for beginners located?

    The areas for beginners are mainly located at Pista Llarga and Trampoli sectors as well as in Coll de Pal one. You can see further information on the map of the slopes.

  • 18. Which is the most recommended area for families?

    La Molina nature is a station with an important area and services for family skiing. The Pista Llarga&Fontcanaleta and the Trampolí sectors are perfect for family skiing thanks to the great spread of services such as ski schools, equipment rental and restaurant establishments of all kinds. In addition, they are sunny areas and with good visibility so no-skiers can watch in a simple way how the rest of the family enjoy the practice of this sport. Moreover, it is in the Trampolí-gondola area, where the most part of the alternative activities to skiing, which will make the experience of a day on the snow with the family, something willing to repeat.

  • 19. Is it compulsory the use of helmet on the slopes?

    The use of helmet is not compulsory, but highly recommended for adults and, above all, in the case of children as it has been proved that it reduces significantly the possibility to be seriously injured to the skull due to an impact or accident while practicing winter sports.

  • 20. Where is the information office for activities located?

    To book or get informed on the activities, you have to address the central office at the gondola building, at 1700m height.

  • 21. Which activities can be made in family with young children?

    The ideal activities to be made with your family or young children are, apart from the ski practice itself, tubing descent, downhill sledding or gondola rides. You can consult the most suitable ones by using the filter on the specific activities section of the website.

  • 22. My first day in La Molina

    How to get to La Molina

    La Molina resort is located in La Cerdanya region, in the village of Alp. It is a resort accessible by public transport (train and bus). You will find detailed information on the routes by public and private transport as well as localization maps and other information at location.



    Ski pass purchase

    You can buy La Molina ski pass at any box office of the five sectors giving access to the resort.



    Equipment rental

    Near the offices and central box office you will find the equipment rental offices where you can rent all you need concerning hard material (skis and snowboard), helmets and, from this season 2014-2015, also ski wear.



    Contracting ski lessons

    There are currently 8 ski schools working in La Molina.



    To be taken into account

    We recommend La Molina visitors to take into account bringing warm clothing adapted to meteorological conditions (taking into account that on high mountains the weather is changeable), the use of sunglasses and sunscreen for the skin. As for driving, they must bring snow chains or wheel covers (if possible with contact wheels) to minimize the risks derived from driving on mountain roads with potential ice danger.

  • 23. Can I park my caravan in La Molina?

    Yes, there is an area for parking motorhomes at the Alp 2500 Gondola sector parking area.

  • 24. General conditions applicable to bookings



    1. The physical support of the card pass is property of La Molina, the client will pay independently of the pass fare, 1 € as a deposit for the card support that will be returned back in the moment the client gives it back.

    2. The purchase of the ski pass entitles the client to use the open facilities, subject to the limitations of the offer:
    a) 1 day ski pass
    b) Consecutive days ski pass, appearing always the last day date
    c) Beginner ski pass, allows the use of green slopes exclusively
    d) Non-consecutive days ski pass, undated
    e) Freestyle ski pass, gives access to Alabau and Trampoline chairlifts with a single use of Cap de Comella chairlift to connect both areas.
    f) Rechargeable ski pass

    3.  The Molina ski pass will only be able to acquire or reload the tickets of the ski station or in the enabled punts. The courrier of one or several days that is realizi to the card tindrà validated during the season in which s' made the purchase, except in the case of special offers and promotions in which the validity is subjecta to the particulars condicions of each offer.

    4. The ski pass and its support is personal and not transferable, being prohibited its transfer or sale to other people than the owner.

    5. The price of the ski pass includes S.O.V. and VAT. At this price it is excluded on the one hand, the amount corresponding to the payment of 1 € for the delivering and acquisition of the card support which is owned by the holder and its use will be subject to the conditions of the offer and, on the other hand, the complementary provision of the healthcare insurance. The price of card support includes VAT.

    6. In order to access any age range offer it is compulsory to show specific documentation (ID card, family book or equivalent official document), according to the specific conditions at the following categories:
    a) Minor, up to 6 years old included
    b) Infant, from 7 to 11 years old included
    c) Junior, 12 to 14 years old included
    d) Adult, from 15 to 64 years old included
    e) Senior I, from 65 to 69 years old included
    f) Senior II, from 70 years old and on

    7. The age will be referred to that which the skier has at the time of purchase of the ski pass. When the age of the skier varies during the period of validity of the ski pass, the skier must change the ski pass category corresponding to his actual age.

    8. La Molina reserves the right to make internal controls considered appropriate (which may include visual recordings), and may require the ID card or any other official document to allow the owner identification in order to prevent fraudulent use of the cards and to ensure compliance with the obligations assumed by the skier for the acquisition of the pass.

    9. The cardholder has the duty of care.
    a) In case of loss or theft of the card support, the bail will be lost. A new duplicate can be extended only if the holder keeps the small ticket given at the moment of purchase, where appears the reference number of the ski pass, and after being cancelled the misplaced ski pass and after paying the amount corresponding to the purchase of a new card (1 €). There is a condition that before its communication of loss its use must not be detected, manipulated or have made a fraudulent use (used by a person other than its legitimate holder).
    b) In case of damage of the card support, a duplicate of the card will be made in exchange for the original damaged one and always before paying the price, unless the damage was not due to the skier, where in this case the skier will be given a new duplicate free of charge.

    10. Notwithstanding the actions LA MOLINA can exercise against the skier or against any third part due to the falsification, manipulation and fraudulent use, will entail the automatic withdrawal of the card without any right to compensation and as additional penalty, the client will be banned to take benefit of any special promotion offered on any FGC group resort during the following five seasons.

    11. It is forbidden the ski pass transfer or resale, where in this case the ski resort will proceed to its immediate removal without any right to compensation, and notwithstanding the legal actions the resort may exercise in front the skier or in front any third part for this reason.

    12. The non-use of ski days loaded on the card support due to causes attributable to the pass holder will not give right to any compensation.

    13. The skier assumes the personal and material risk in any case derived from the practice of sport and, in general, all those damages which may occur due to a negligent or other conduct other than that received by the station staff, or the damage derived outside the use of the lifts.

    14. Skiing on off-piste, on closed slopes or not marked slopes by the ski resort, against the warnings or instructions regarding safety or the inappropriate use of the card pass, may entail the removal of the card, and exempts LA MOLINA and the ski resort owner any liability.

    15. Inappropriate or dangerous behaviour, the breach of the instructions given by the resort staff and, in general, the breach of the use rules of the facilities, including the fraudulent use of the card support or the ski pass unsuitable for the real age of the skier, empowers the ski resort staff to proceed to the skier expulsion and the withdrawal of the card with loss of the right to his ski pass and the bail, all this without notwithstanding of the civil or criminal responsibilities in which additionally the skier could have incurred.

    16. The ski resort must determine the opening and closing dates and times of their facilities taking into account the current technical and meteorological circumstances and the security conditions, as well as any other causes that may affect the activity development.

    17. The closure of the station, the interruptions or the limited use of slopes and ski lifts due to technical, meteorological or any other kind of reasons, will not give the right to any compensation.

    18. The printed slopes map distributed by the ski resort has a simple indicative value and gives no specific information about the opening or closure of the slopes in a specific day. The information of the slopes should be completed in all cases by the skier with the snow report and be updated every day, being consulted through the channels the ski resort uses for this purpose.

    19. In case of contradiction between the snow report, that provided by any other way and the slope signposting, will always prevail that where the indications or the access prohibition is more restrictive in each case.

    20. To make any claim or incident in relation to the card support, the person must go to the customer service office of the ski resort, indicating the reference number of the card.

    21. The purchase of the ski pass implies the knowledge and acceptance of these conditions.


    22. To apply the discounts on the reloadable ski pass it is required to provide the online ski pass reload voucher.

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