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Facilities Opening Status

Facilities Opening Status
Monday 08 April 2024
Closed resort
Last update: 08/04/2024 08:11
TCB Cadí-Moixeró (passeig:
0 / 1 - 0%

Circuits bikepark
0 de 0
0 de 6
Ski lifts
0 de 16
Monday 27 May 2024 08:46
Observation information:
Tosa d'Alp 2537m.
Tº: -2.3ºC Wind: N 2.7 km/h
Font Canaleta 1700m.
Tº: 4.7ºC Wind: ONO 0.0 km/h
Prediction information: *
Tosa d'Alp 2537m.
Màx.: 6ºC Mín.: 5ºC Wind: OSO 28 km/h
Font Canaleta 1700m.
Màx.: 12ºC Mín.: 10ºC Wind: OSO 7 km/h
VISIBILITY: Excellent: more than 50 km
Rain and probability: 20-50 L./m2 30%-70%
Snow accumulation 24 h: No se n'espera
Índex UVI:
UVI màxim: 8
UVI actual: 3
Clear skies
* Accumulation of snow, rain and probability at 2300 masl
Forecast Data:
Observation Data:
Tuesday 28 May 2024
Visibility: Excel·lent > 50 km
Snow accumulation 24 h: No se n'espera
UVI màxim: 8
UVI previst: 3
Màx.: 7ºC Mín.: 6ºC Wind: NNO 21 km/h
Màx.: 14ºC Mín.: 10ºC Wind: ONO 4 km/h
Wednesday 29 May 2024
Visibility: Excel·lent > 50 km
Snow accumulation 24 h: No se n'espera
UVI màxim: 9
UVI previst: 3
Màx.: 9ºC Mín.: 7ºC Wind: ONO 18 km/h
Màx.: 16ºC Mín.: 11ºC Wind: NNO 5 km/h



Parking: 7 de 7 / 100%
Name Conditions
P1 - TELECABINA Available
P3 - FONT CANALETA Available
P4 - PISTA LLARGA Available
P5 - ROC BLANC Available
P6 - ALABAU Available
P7 - COLL SISÉ Available
P8 - EL LLAC Available
Ski lifts: 0 de 16 / 0%
  • Open:
Name Type of Conditions
TSC Pista Llarga Telecadira cinta d'embarcament Closed
TSC Fontcanaleta Telecadira cinta d'embarcament Closed
TSC El Llac Telecadira cinta d'embarcament Closed
TS Roc Blanc Telecadira cinta d'embarcament Closed
TSC Torrent Negre Telecadira cinta d'embarcament Closed
TSC Trampolí Telecadira cinta d'embarcament Closed
CT Johan Cruyff Cinta transportadora Closed
CT Pista Llarga - Jardí de Neu Cinta transportadora Closed
CT Comabella Cinta transportadora Closed
CT Debutants Cinta transportadora Closed
TSD Cap de Comella Telecadira desembragable Closed
TSD Alabau Telecadira desembragable Closed
TQ Pedró Teleesquí Closed
TQ. Set Fonts Teleesquí Closed
TQ Sant Jordi Teleesquí Closed
TCB Cadí-Moixeró - Part 1 Telecabina Closed
TCB Cadí-Moixeró - Part II Telecabina Closed
Activities: 0 de 12 / 0%
Name Conditions
Panoramic Gondola Ride Closed
Tubbing Closed
Slalom Nissan X-Trail Closed
Interpretation circuit of wildlife Closed
Fun Park Closed
Adventure Park Closed
Segway Closed
Nordic walking Closed
ARVA Parc Closed
Escape snow Closed
Bowling Closed
Sledging slopes - Coll Sisé Closed
Name Type of Conditions
Equipment rental Botiga de lloguer Closed
Information and offices Altres Closed
Forfaits Rental Altres Closed
Locker Altres Closed
Van Parking Altres Closed
ATM Altres Closed
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