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5th Clean Up Day La Molina

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A day where the resort's natural spaces will be cleaned.

Next Friday, June 7 in La Molina we will celebrate the 5th Clean Up Day, an action in which different natural spaces of La Molina will be cleaned such as ski slopes, forest, areas close to pedestrian areas. It is a common action throughout Europe that serves to raise awareness about the large amount of waste we generate.


What is a Clean Up Day? It is a day of cleaning the natural environment, which unfortunately has been polluted by human action. La Molina receives thousands of visitors during the exploitation seasons. This leads to the accumulation of waste, due to the uncivil attitudes of the population.

The objectives of the action are:

  • Raise awareness about the scope of the problem of uncontrolled waste
  • Promote changes in habits, increase awareness about the amount of waste we throw in an uncontrolled way into nature and reduce the consumption of the same
  • Clean the natural environment we enjoy


Students from the Bac de Cerdanya school, and the Adis and Tallers de Cerdanya Foundations in Puigcerdà are participating, as well as all the workers at La Molina.

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