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La Molina App

  • La Molina App offers a range of features designed to provide information to the customers in real time and to share and enhance their experience on the resort.

    FGC Apps offers the user a lot of features and benefits.


    These Apps inform, at the same time, about the weather and show the slopes through webcams. They let the users consult the map of the resort, see which facilities are open and purchase and recharge their ski pass. Moreover, they contain a GeoLocator and offer all kind of contests.


    Check up all what’s available on La Molina’s App on his My Skitude Landing Page

    • Information

      Check in real-time information about La Molina (weather forecasts, snow conditions, the slopes and the ski lifts open) and the routes and activities offered during the summer season.

    • Social Media and 2.0

      With just one click, consult La Molina's social media in order to know the latest news, promotions and events.

    • Contests

      Get registered and share your experience in La Molina: gps tracker, statistics, geophotos and participate in all competitions and challenges organized during the whole season. You can win prizes!

    • Geolocation

      Access to a complete database which includes points of interest in La Molina (services, establishments and facilities visible through a list or an interactive map) with updated information on promotions, offers and contact details.

    • Tracks and GPS

      Get registered and share your experience in La Molina: gps tracker, statistics, geophotos.

    • Exclusive offers

      Buy and book directly ski passes, tour packages and accommodations.

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