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The IPC ParaSnowboard World Cup in La Molina exhibits the spectacular Dual Banked Slalom

News date: 04-03-2020
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The IPC ParaSnowboard World Cup in La Molina exhibits the spectacular Dual Banked Slalom

  • The snowfall on Monday 2 forced the organization to work hard to hold the race on Tuesday 3 on the Torrent Negre track with the premiere of the spectacular new modality of Dual Banked Slalom


  • On Tuesday, Barcelona's Astrid Fina won the gold medal and the Spaniard Vic González was 3rd


  • More than 200 students from the Cerdanya schools attended the World Cup in La Molina for a training action in adapted sports




After the snowfall on Monday, March 2 on the track of the Torrent Negre of the Catalan resort of La Molina, on Tuesday, March 3, there were adequate conditions to be able to hold the IPC World Cup of ParaSnowboard. After the weather conditions did not allow the international test to be held on Monday, on Tuesday international athletes were finally able to compete and premier the Dual Banked Slalom modality for the first time in history. However, after the first qualifiers the snowstorm intensified and one of the tests (the dual male) had to be canceled although they did compete in Banked SL.


Tuesday at the IPC World Cup in La Molina began with the individual event in the women's category and subsequently competed in the new modality of Dual Banked Slalom, thus inaugurating this modality worldwide. In the first hour the qualifying test was carried out, which in turn served as an individual scoring World Cup race to recover the undisputed test on Monday. On the other hand in the men's category the international snowboarders competed in the individual race, however the Dual Banked Slalom test had to be suspended due to the snowfall.


As for the facilities, the snow fallen on Monday gave a lot of work for the track preparation teams to leave the stadium, located in the Torrent Negre area, in competitive conditions in a harsh winter environment in La Molina.


Highly disputed podiums in the IPC World Cup

In this edition of the IPC World Cup that was played in La Molina, Barcelona, Astrid Fina, won her category in the Dual Banked Slalom of Snowboard Lower Limb 2 (SS-LL2). The other outstanding results of this competition are the third place of the Spaniard, Vic González in the category of SS-LL1, as well as Sergio Rivas, who was in seventh position in the men's category of Snowboard Upper Limb (SB-UL). On the other hand, snowboarder Paula Hormaechea did not finish her tie.


Regarding the international outstanding results in the women's category in Dual Banked SL of SB-UL, the first position went to the Russian Viktoria Iakimchuk and in the SB-LL1 category the winner was the Frenchwoman Cecile Hernandez. In men's Banked SL, Italian Jacopo Luchini was in the first position of SB-UL and Austrian Rene Eckhart won in the SB-LL1 category. In the LL2 category the first position went to the British Owen Pick.


Cerdanya schools, with the IPC World Cup

On this second day of the competition the international parasnowboarders received a very special visit, since different schools of the Cerdanya went to La Molina station to see and learn from the stories of personal improvement of the participants in this high-level test.


More than 200 children from three Cerdanya schools visited the La Molina facilities to participate in exercises prepared for them related to the World Cup. After learning about the characteristics of the modalities of Paralympic competitions, they enjoyed a hot chocolate and were able to meet some of the international participants during the awards ceremony.


This year, a variant of the Banked Slalom modality, the Dual Banked Slalom, was released in La Molina where international athletes compete in parallel, that is, two athletes competing at the same time in two circuits side by side. It was a premiere that would not have been possible without La Molina's commitment to make its facilities accessible and thus be able to host high-level competitions. In addition, this format is being studied to be an official test for the Beijing JJPP 2022.


Watch de finally vídeo: https://youtu.be/OrhNjq5yuFo


More results at: www.paralympic.org/snowboard/


The IPC ParaSnowboard World Cup in La Molina exhibits the spectacular Dual Banked Slalom
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