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Second day of thrilling snowboard-cross races of the IPC para-snowboard World Cup in La Molina

News date: 16-02-2017
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Today is the last day of the snowboard-cross races. Tomorrow and on Saturday will be held the Banked Slalom at Alabaus snowpark.

The IPC Para-Snowboard World Cup, which takes place at La Molina, FGC Station Group, has brilliantly begun for the rider Astrid Fina, from Barcelona, who has finished second in the SBLL2 category (athletes with tibial amputation) for the second time. The Catalan snowboarder, who obtained the best time in the qualification round and before Lisa Bunschoten, said: "I've been looking forward to La Molina after participating in the Big White World Para Snowboard Championships, in Canada. I wanted to be competing for the gold at home, but it wasn’t possible. In any case I have good feelings, I improve myself every day and I’m already thinking about the finals of the World Cup in South Korea". Fina is already thinking about the Banked Slalom, which will take place on Friday and Saturday. She is facing it "excited to make a good result".


The snowboard-cross is performed in a circuit with man-made jumps as well as modules with narrow and windy curves that challenge the racer in various areas during the run. There is an initial qualification round with the fastest riders progressing to race head-to-head for medals.


The Spanish team's coach, Albert Mallol, assign positive values to the organization of the IPC para-Snowboard World Cup in La Molina. He highlighted the large amount of snow. The coach said that “compared to 2 years ago, changes have been made in the Banked Slalom circuit, it is more open and faster. I think Astrid has options to get the gold medal on Friday and Saturday. She’s doing a very good season. Let’s see how she ends the finals in the World Cup in South Korea. I would like to thank La Molina for these 3 years organizing a para-snowboard international competition”.


These are the results of other members of the Spanish team competing in IPC Para-Snowboard World Cup: Catalan Vic Gonzalez finished fourth, and the Andalusian Oscar Gonzalez Gonzalez finished seventh in the SBLL1 category (athletes with femoral amputations, Medullary lesions and double tibial lesions).


This year the World Cup welcomes athletes from all over the world: Argentina, Australia, Austria, Canada, France, Finland, Spain, the United States, Netherlands, Ukraine, Italy, the United Kingdom and China.


Podiums by categories


SB-UL Nationality

1- Michael Minor United States

2- Maxime Montaggioni France

3- Manuel Pozzerle United States


SB-LL1 Nationality

1- Mark Mann United States

2- Reinhold Schett Austria

3- Chris Vos Netherlands


SB-LL2 Nationality

1- Matti Suur-Hamari Finland

2- Evan Strong United States

3- Keith Gabel UK Women


SB-UL Nationality

1- Peggy Martin United States


SB-LL1 Nationality

1- Cecile Hernandez France


SB-LL2 Nationality

1- Lisa Bunschoten Netherlands

2- Astrid Fina Paredes Spain

3- Van Renske Beek Netherlands


The World Cup program will continue tomorrow with a first Banked Slalom race and it will finish on Saturday, with the second race of this discipline. At La Molina 2015, the new discipline of banked slalom was included in a World Championships programme for the first time. It has its origin in the USA. Riders perform three individual runs, with the best two being put towards the final standings.

Second day of thrilling snowboard-cross races of the IPC para-snowboard World Cup in La Molina
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