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A ski pass for the whole Grup FGC 

Season ski passes

    • Season Ski Pass  - Public

      Season Ski Pass - Public

      This ski pass is valid for La Molina and all Grup FGC ski resorts. Moreover, you will be able to ski in Tot Nòrdic (7 ski resorts). Discover them!

      Adults: Bornt between 1991 and 1953 (Both included)
      Juniors: Bornt between 2000 and 1992 (Both included)
      Children: Bornt between 2010 and 2001 (Both included)
      Babies: Bornt between 2017 and 2011
      Senior I: Bornt between 1952 and 1948 (Both included)
      Senior II: Bornt before 1947 



      € 509,00
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    • Ski Pass for Families

      Ski Pass for Families

      The new family ski passes apply to families of three or more members. They will enjoy significant discounts on the current ski pass price.



      € 433,00
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    • Weekdays


      This ski pass allows users to ski from Monday to Friday in the FGC resorts, except on holidays.

      € 255,00
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    • Except Saturday

      Except Saturday

      This pass allows users to ski in the FGC ski resorts every day of the week, except on Saturdays.

      € 515,00
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    • Only Sunday

      Only Sunday

      This pass is designed specifically for people who are busy all week long and can only escape one day. It allows users to ski all Sundays in the FGC ski resorts.

      € 280,00
      buy it now
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