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Safety advice

  • La Molina has been a pioneer in safety on the slopes, incidence prevention and medical assistance for skiing injuries.

    It is important that the equipment is in good condition, but for a safe practice several factors that are largely dependent on the skier himself must also be taken into account. Fitness, the use of appropriate material and warm-up are very important aspects for the safety of athletes visiting our slopes.

    Safety advice by FIS


      Before you put your skis on, it is important to be informed on the weather forecast and snow conditions. Carrying a map of the resort in your pocket is highly recommended. Do not forget that only slopes which are open are secure and controlled.


      Get the right equipment adapted to your technical level and physical conditions. To limit risks, ensure a good adjustment of ski bindings. Wear authorized equipment and seek professional advice.


      Effort, high altitudes and the sun are factors to be considered. Do not underestimate them. It is important to warm up before the activity, measure your effort and properly hydrate.


      It's great to wear a helmet. The head is one of the most exposed parts in sliding sports. It is important to wear ski goggles and sunglasses on the snow, as UV rays may damage your eyes. Taking out an insurance policy would be an advantage. No one should ski or snowboard alone.


      Slow down on the areas for beginners, near the lifts, at the end of the slopes and at junctions. Adjust your speed according to your own skiing or snowboarding level, the snow conditions and the visibility on the slopes.


      Stop only at the edge of the slope or where you can easily be seen. Skiers in front of you always have the right of way. Look both ways before crossing under a ski lift line. Respect for others, you are not alone on the slopes.


      Remove your sticks before getting on the drag lift and hold them in one hand. Slaloming on the way up should be avoided. If you fall, release the bar and move away from the ropeway as quickly as possible. On arrival, release the bar where indicated and if passing the point, the stop system will automatically be activated.


      If wearing a backpack, remove it and hold it in front of you as you could otherwise be caught on the chair. Remember to lower the safety bar to avoid falling. Never jump out of the chairlift. In case you cannot get off the chairlift on arrival you should remain seated and wait. Do not swing the seat.


      Do not exceed the maximum number of passengers allowed nor swing the gondola. Do not try to open the doors nor lean on them. They open and close automatically. Do not throw anything through the window nor lean out.


      Slopes and lifts are signposted and marked for your safety. Respect signs and sign-posting at all times. In case of doubt, please, contact the resort professionals.


      The resort discourages the off-skiing practice. Keep informed of the avalanche risk. Off-piste accidents are always under the sole responsibility of the skier himself. Off-piste skier requires a high technical level, a good knowledge of the mountain and special equipment. Mountain hazards (rocks, avalanches, cracks, ...) are not marked nor monitored by the resort. In any case, remember that skier is solely responsible for their own safety.


      In case of an accident, remember to stick the skis crossed on the snow. Protect yourself and keep warm. Alert the slopes service at the nearest lift.

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