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24h sales on reloadable Ski pass at La Molina

Upcoming January 30th
News date: 17-01-2017
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Only during the upcoming Jan 30th season 1617 Reloadable Pass holders will be allowed to participate in La Molina's Sales promotion consisting of a 2x1 deal on 4h day skiing reload. 

Have you heard about the new 4-hour reloadable ski pass for La Molina? It is the new product  thought for many of you! If you are one of those who do not like to spend the whole day on slopes and enjoy a skiing morning before a good meal this is your tailored ski pass and at Molina we have it on sale!


Only next January 30 you can take advantage of the promotion of 2x1 in the recharge of your Forfait 4 hours, without restrictions and valid until the end of the season. The promotion will only last 24 hours and will be carried out through the online ski pass store on the page of the La Molina Rechargeable Pass. The exchange will directly take place in the lift of the stations.


It can benefit all users who have the physic card RECarnet - Forfait Reloadable Season 1617 without credit at the time of reload.


Promotion conditions:

- The package of 2x1 in 4 hours can be in use only and exclusively consecutive days or free days. You can not use it in the same day. 

- The recharge will be carried out on a single RECarnet medium and it will not be possible to divide it later nor transfer the balance from one medium to another.

- The promotion will only take place online. The change will be made directly on the ski lift turns.


Do not miss out on this special offer, reload your ski pass and enjoy skiing at La Molina at the best price!


24h sales on reloadable Ski pass at La Molina
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