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At 2.537 m 

Niu de l'Àliga Shelter

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  • Location

    Area: Central Catalan Pyrenees
    Altitude: 2,537 m
    Towns nearby: Alp and Bagà
    Location: On top of Tossa d'Alp


  • Access by vehicle

    by road from Bagà to coll del Pal, by road to Molina and by chairlift to Tossa.

    Access on foot

    From La Molina with the Gondola lift 20 minutes, from Coll del Pal 1.30 h, from Alp 3.30 h, from Bagà 3.30 h, from the Rebost shelter 2.45 h, from Sant Jordi shelter 5 h and from the La Molina train station 2.30 h.

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