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Reloadable ski pass

    • Ski pass 1 to 5 days free of choice

      Ski pass 1 to 5 days free of choice

      This ski pass allows the user to choose 1, 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10 days, to enjoy skiing without dates or commitments.

      Rechargeable support available on the La Molina website.


      Save tails and recharge online with an 8% discount on the price of ticket offices.

      Ski pass 1 day from
      € 37,00
      BUY IT NOW
    • Ski pass 1 day - Beginner

      Ski pass 1 day - Beginner

      The ski pass is intended for beginners depending on their use of the station people who start in the world of snow.

      Allows free access on the following lifts: CL Pista Larga, Fontcanaleta, Trampolí and Johann Cruyff Magic Carpet

      € 27,50
      Buy now
    • Pack Family 3 or 4 persons

      Pack Family 3 or 4 persons

      Do you want to go skiing with your family?

      La molina makes it easy with the discounts of the Family Pack of 1 or 2 days of skiing, at really fantastic prices.



      € 93,00
      ask for info
    • Combined ski passes

      Combined ski passes

      Now with the combined ski passes of ski pass + lunch and ski pass + equipment rental you can take the most of your ski day!

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