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Special bus service to facilitate the mobility of skiers and assistants to the Estima Fest

March 3rd
News date: 28-02-2018
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Next March 3 La Molina will put into operation a special device to facilitate the mobility of skiers and attendants to the Estima Fest consisting of free shuttle buses between different points of the station

La Molina will enable a special device to facilitate mobility during the day on the occasion of the celebration of the Estima Fest, consisting of the following special services:


  1. Bus from La Molina (Railway Station) to La Molina - Ski Station (La Ermita Square)
  2. Shuttle bus between La Molina - Ski Station (Plaza de la Ermita) and the Pista Larga, Roc Blanc and Alabaus parkings


Both bus services will be free. The bus service that connects with the RENFE station will be operational until 8:00 p.m. The launchers that give service from the concert area to the car parks will finish 30 'after the completion of the acts.

From La Molina - Estación (Plaza de la Ermita) to the Parking of the Telecabina (where the concert will take place and other acts of celebration) the assistants will have to cover on foot a distance of approximately 300m


We remind you that the special train La Molina - Barcelona will depart at 20: 50hrs, so it is recommended that the assistants who have come by train to Estima Fest leave the venue of the concerts from 7:00 pm with the bus which will take you to the station of La Molina (RENFE station).


Skippers and visitors who decide to come by car recommend using the Alabaus, Roc Blanc and Pista Larga car parks and using the shuttle buses to move to the concert area and then return to retrieve their vehicle.

Special bus service to facilitate the mobility of skiers and assistants to the Estima Fest
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