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Six different countries win gold in the last Para Alpine Skiing World Cup Giant Slalom race of the season in La Molina

News date: 14-03-2019
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The Slalom events (SL) will take place on Friday 15 and Saturday 16 of March, bringing the Para Alpine Skiing World Cup competition in La Molina to a close for the 2018-2019 season.


On Thursday, 14 March the last Giant Slalom (GS) events of the Para Alpine Skiing World Cup took place with the participation of visually or physically impaired racers. The three-day competition took place at the Roc Blanc Stadium at the resort, located on the northern side, with a length of 905 metres and a slope of 306 metres.


This stadium was exhaustively and thoroughly prepared by the resort, so much so that the French and Swiss technical discipline teams also practised on it (on the Wednesday, when there was no IPC race) as part of their preparation for the FIS World Cup event which will take place in Soldeu (Spain) starting on Friday. Slovakian ski racer Petra Vlhová, second in the Women's World Cup standings behind Mikaela Shiffrin (United States), also used it to prepare for her upcoming races.


The Grand Slalom race saw the participation of 59 racers (17 women and 42 men) from 19 different countries: Andorra (1), Australia (1), Austria (6), Canada (7), Finland (1), France (7), Germany (3), Great Britain (2), Italy (2), Japan (6), Norway (2), the Netherlands (4), Poland (1), Slovakia (2), Slovenia (1), Spain (3), Sweden (1), Switzerland (4) and the United States (5).


Podium results for the Giant Slalom races, by category


In the Women's Visually Impaired category, the winner was Menna Fitzpatrick from Great Britain with a time of 1:58.75, finishing ahead of Austria's Veronika Aigner (1:59.25) and Australia's Melissa Perrine (2:00.63).

In the Women's Grand Slalom Standing race, Marie Bochet (France) won the gold medal with a time of 1:50.65, with the Canadian Frédérique Turgeon (1:55.49) winning silver and Anna-Maria Rieder from Germany winning bronze (1:59.51). Spanish racers Ursula Pueyo (2:16.06) and Raquel Martínez (2:43.86) finished ninth and tenth respectively.

In the Women's Grand Slalom Sitting event, Japan's Momoka Muraoka finished first with a time of 1:57.42, 5.71 seconds ahead of Germany's Anna-Lena Forster who came in second and 14.88 seconds faster than Laurie Stephens (United States), who was third.


Marek Kubacka from Slovakia won the gold medal in the Men's Grand Slalom Visually Impaired category with a time of 1:47.99, with the rest of the podium occupied by French racers Hyacinthe Deleplace (1:53.58) and Thomas Civade (1:58.81), who won silver and bronze respectively.

In the Men's Grand Slalom Standing category, Theo Gmur (Switzerland) finished at the top of the podium with a time of 1:41.12. Standing on the second step was Arthur Bauchet (France) with a time of 1:41.24 and third place was for Finnish racer Santeri Kiveri who finished in 1:43.01.

The Men's Grand Slalom Sitting race was won by Dutch racer Jeroen Kampschreur with a time of 1:46.61 ahead of Italy's René Silvestro (1:47.92) and Japan's Taiki Morii (1:49.72). Spanish racer Óscar Antonio Espallargas did not manage to complete the first descent.


Two different categories and five days of racing


On 11-16 March, La Molina will host 60 racers from around the world who will take part in this international alpine skiing competition. The Giant Slalom (GS) races will take place on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, with the Slalom (SL) ones taking centre stage on Friday and Saturday.

Six different countries win gold in the last Para Alpine Skiing World Cup Giant Slalom race of the season in La Molina
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