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La Molina hosts the world premiere of the new Dual Banked Slalom at the IPC Parasnowboard World Cup

News date: 27-02-2020
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La Molina hosts the world premiere of the new Dual Banked Slalom at the IPC Parasnowboard World Cup

  • On March 2nd and 3rd, the new parasnowboard modality will be presented for the first time in La Molina, this is the Dual Banked Slalom
  • This modality is based on the parallel descent of two snowboarders through an installation adapted for the occasion, full of bumps and doubts that make the confrontation very exciting


During the Parasnowboard IPC (International Olympic Committee) World Cup, which will be start on March 2nd and 3rd at La Molina Station, athletes will be competing for the first time in the history of Dual Banked snowboarding Slalom (DBSL). Banked Slalom mode consists in of going down slalom through a "U" shaped track. This route is about 500 meters long on an irregular floor full of dubbies (small jumps) and jumps that the athletes do on the way down as they descend the track.


La Molina will be release a variety of the discipline of Banked Slalom called Dual Banked Slalom at the Torrent Negre stadium, where the trdack preparation services of the station have been moving snow for days to design a level for the IPC World Cup. This time the specialty is in a circuit created specifically for dubbies, narrow and intertwined curves where athletes will have to descend them in parallel (each by an identical layout) to get the different sections of the track until to they cross the finish line. The challenge for riders is to  get over descend the track with all obstacles along the route with great success, with the aim of trying to get across the finish line in the shortest possible time.


Banked Slalom was born in United States and this year is the 30th year since it was the first Mount Banker competition. This type of sport is attracting more and more athletes who come together want to practice and enjoy it. The main difference between the Banked Slalom and the Dual Banked Slalom is the way in which the runners make the descent, since in the Dual Banked slalom there are two athletes who carry out the races at the same time. It is one of the most spectacular disiplines in the world of snow, it requires a lot of precision and perseverance but above all, the desire to get over these new challenges.


La Molina is the first station where this Dual Banked slalom specialty will be competed in for the first time in the world of the World Para Snowboard (WPSB) and at the same time it is also the first time it will be in a World Cup competition (IPC). In the words of Ted Martin, IPC snowboarding director, IPC is working to make the Dual Banked Slalom a competition mode for the Beijing 2022 Paralympics. It is A very good omen for the aspirations of the Pyrenees to host the maximum number of events in snow sport by 2030.

La Molina hosts the world premiere of the new Dual Banked Slalom at the IPC Parasnowboard World Cup
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