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Astrid Fina, Barcelona's rider, reaches the podium in the IPC 2019 World Cup of para-snowboard of La Molina

News date: 04-03-2019
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The catalan Astrid Fina shines in the IPC World Cup of para-snowboarding of La Molina with a deserved second place in the cross-country snowboard race, held at the Alabau track. As for the rest of the Spanish riders, Xabier Osa has finished 10th in the UL1 category and Victor Manuel Gonzalez has reached the quarterfinals and has achieved the 7th place in the LL1 category.

The day of Monday 4 has had the participation of 36 riders (7 women and 29 men). In total, 13 countries have registered: Germany (4), Australia (3), Austria (3), Canada (2), Croatia (1), Spain (3), United States (7), Finland (1), France (3), Great Britain (1), Italy (3), Norway (1) and The Netherlands (4).


The snowboard cross is a modality that takes place in a circuit designed with jumps, dubbies and modules and with narrow and intertwined curves that put the rider to the test in several sections of the track. For this reason, snowboarders must master it to overcome all the obstacles that are presented along the route. However, they should know what the jumps are like, but they should also work very well on each of the downloads in a tactical way.


The mechanics of the test is as follows: first an initial classification is made. Next, the fastest runners must compete in a head-to-head format to get to the podium and take the medals.



Podiums in the first snowboard cross race, by categories




Category SB-UL1 Nationality

Simon Patmore Australian
Maxime Montaggioni French
Patrick Mayrhofer Austrian

Category SB-LL1 Nationality

Chris Vos Dutch
Reinhold Schett Austrian
Kristian Moen Norwegian

Category SB-LL2 Nationality

Ben Tudhope Australian
Alex Massie Canadian
British Owen Pick




Category SB-LL1 Nationality

Cecile French Hernandez
Brenna Huckaby Nord-American

Category SB-LL2 Nationality

Lisa Bunschoten Dutch
Astrid Fina Espanyola
Anne Garttener Dutch

The program of the World Cup will continue tomorrow, Tuesday 5, with a second snowboard cross race. On Thursday and Friday the exciting banked slalom races will be played.


The banked slalom, which premiered in La Molina in 2015, is a modality that was born in the United States. It consists of going down in slalom through a track in the shape of a "U" along a path of between 500 and 900 meters of irregular terrain full of dubbies naturally present on the track.


La Molina, an accessible station

For many years, La Molina has been a clear example of an accessible station, a space designed so that people with physical or visual disabilities can try the snow up close and practice all kinds of outdoor sports.


Evidence of its involvement is the large number of tests of the International Paralympic Committee (IPC, in its acronym in English) that has hosted throughout its history: in 2013 hosted the IPC World Alpine Skiing and 2015 was the scene of the World IPC snowboarding and the IPC Alpine Ski World Cup. Finally, in 2017 it hosted the IPC Para-snowboard World Cup. In this sense, then, it could be said that La Molina and competition are two inseparable elements that go hand in hand season after season.


The IPC 2019 Para-snowboard World Cup will be played until Friday, March 8 at La Molina station. 13 countries participate in the snowboard cross modality.


However, from March 11 to 16, La Molina will host the IPC World Cup adapted alpine skiing, in the categories of slalom (SL), giant (GS) and super giant (SG).


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Astrid Fina, Barcelona's rider, reaches the podium in the IPC 2019 World Cup of para-snowboard of La Molina
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