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  • Environment and Quality

    La Molina has always been careful to maintain and respect their surroundings by following an environmental policy. This heritage belongs to us all and therefore, all actions on the environment, services, buildings and facilities have always followed the criteria of environment preservation and respect.

    In order to go further in its commitment to respect the environment, La Molina has implemented an environmental management system based on ISO 14001 standards since 2003.


    ISO 14001 commits and qualifies La Molina to set and assess the effectiveness of the established procedures and, in accordance with the current legislation, implement policies and certain environmental objectives, get the approval and show this approval to third parties.


    In order to achieve this commitment, it is essential the involvement of each and every person working in La Molina and the visitors complicity.


    For this reason, La Molina invests a portion of every ski pass in Environment and Quality. In addition, La Molina has also the Q of quality since 2002, thanks to the achievement of a high level of customers quality both in customers service and assistance on the slopes and restaurant.


    Environmental aspects:

    La Molina, as a consequence of having the ISO 14001 has to describe a set of environmental aspects to be controlled and innovate the service, some of which are: forest management, electric consumption, water pollution management, water management and reuse and waste management. In addition, the Q for Quality also implies taking into account issues related to service quality and school activities related to environment.


    Activities related to environmental aspects:

    Iso 14001 certification

      La Molina has several energy management software that reports and warn workers of their consumption throughout the day.


      Analytics of the water system, aquifers, streams and rivers in the surroundings, are done on a regular basis in order to ensure its quality.


      Another point to be considered is the use of biodegradable oils for all snow groomers and snowmobiles.


      La Molina has a very accurate management of all thawing water and consumption for the snow production.


      La Molina during the summer season carries on a set of actions to preserve its natural space.


      La Molina seeks to reach a high quality service, both in customers service and assistance on the slopes and restaurant. That is why, it has the "Q" for Quality awarded by the Spanish Tourist Quality Institute (ICTE).


      La Molina also offers activities for schools. It consists of activities to be carried on during the winter-breaks to get to know the resort on its to environmental aspects.

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